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News & Updates

I am excited to be the artistic producer of Salem Spotlights. The 4th Salem Talent Showcase in January 2023 was amazing!

I am writing new songs and recording. I would love to share my music and life journey with you. I'm still standing! It's never too late to do what you love. I have so much more to write about! 

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New Songwriting Projects

I wrote a national commercial jingle for SkillR. I got to sing, play and produce the whole project. It was fun to make and got over 2 million views. Still, I might only be a "one hit jingle wonder". I have my heart on writing songs for a movie musical.

I released my first single, "I Still Have Myself" on Spotify and my YouTube channel.

I am recording new songs about moving forward, freedom and finally finding love. 

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