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Steven Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at SkillR Inc.

I am impressed with Rosanna's work and dedication to her craft. She is beyond qualified to educate others as a lyricist and composer with commercial project experience.

When we collaborated with her on our commercial, she took the lead and produced a jingle that aligned perfectly with our brand. She understood the goal and handled the project with efficiency. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Laura J., Piano & Songwriting Student

Rosanna has all the qualities that I look for in a teacher.  Patience, enthusiasm, a genuine interest in my progress and an intuitive sense of what I need to keep moving ahead.

As an adult student of piano and a fledgling composer, I needed a teacher who can be flexible enough to adjust to my personal exploration of music while making sure I’m learning the basics.  Rosanna is a perfect fit!

Her deep knowledge of music theory and composition has been an enormous help to me.  She has encouraged me to write my own music and with her guidance, I have a small body of work that I am truly proud of…with more on the way!

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Rosanna Ferro for piano, voice and composing.

Ella & Stacey R., Songwriting, Piano & Vocal Student

Rosanna has been my daughter Ella’s vocal and piano teacher for the past 7 years.  During this time she has nurtured her interest and passion in music, specifically with regard to writing her own songs.  Rosanna is a master teacher and is patient and kind.  She had helped Ella to develop into the talented musician she is today.  We couldn’t ask for a better mentor for our daughter and neither could she.  She looks forward to working with Rosanna each week and comes out of each lesson energized and ready to create new music.

* You can listen to Ella's music @Ella.r.sings 

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